Second Birthday in Lesotho


I must admit that I am very much in denial…not only at the fact that I am 24 years old now, but also that I have been in Lesotho for so long that this was my second birthday celebration in this country.  I say that I was destined to be Mosotho because my birthday is also Lesotho’s Independence Day!  Being a teacher, it’s awesome having my birthday on a public holiday because it means that I get the entire week off from work (the schools have an Independence Break…SCORED!)  The whole week was beautiful; I was in Maseru earlier in the week so I was able to buy a couple bottles of red wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate at the grocery store.  Once I got home, it seemed like the festivities never ended.  I had fellow Peace Corps Volunteers coming in and out like tidal waves of company.

Yesterday, my actual birthday day, I was showered with indescribable love.  In the late morning my family came by with a huge pot of samp (a traditional corn dish), another hug container of steamed and baked bread, a few baked goods wrapped in the most precious of ways, and this was all delivered while singing Happy Birthday.  It brought tears to my eyes and I was ebullient to say the least.

As the day went on, the festivities continued and I heard another knock on the door.  I opened it up, stepped outside and saw a huge feast presented in front of me.  Grilled meat, papa, chakalaka and cold drinks!  As if the Birthday wagon and its goods earlier wasn’t enough, my family prepared a feast for my guests and me.  I broke down into tears and couldn’t help but give huge Shanelley hugs to everyone in my family.

I am continually stunned and humbled by the generosity of Basotho.  How can I leave this place?  This was probably one of the most meaningful and precious birthday celebrations I have ever had in my twenty-four years of life. 🙂 





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