Eye Opening, Sobering Reality


I just spent the last week traveling around to extremely remote areas to observe and provide feedback for current college students who are teaching in schools as they complete their teaching diploma. Some of these schools were so far out that I couldn’t even believe that there were communities living there. After having lived and worked in Lesotho for two years, I thought that I had seen the real deal, but I was humbled this week to see an even deeper reality and truth that is Lesotho.

The first school that I went to on Monday took over two hours to get to in a private vehicle, driven by a master of off-roading! The student teachers who were placed at this school are working in a two-room building, being forced to squeeze two grades in each classroom, and still, three other classes conduct their teaching outside in roofless, rundown stone buildings. There are no desks, chairs, benches of furniture of any sort, so the students gather on empty maize meal bags on the floor, wooden tree stumps or cinder blocks. There is only one chalkboard for all seven classes, so the teachers take rotate daily on who gets to use the chalkboard.

The resilience and dedication of the teachers and students of this school is inspiring. I know that I would probably want to give up and throw in the towel if I were handed such cards, but despite the circumstances, they still conduct classes and learning is had in the best capacity to their ability. How naïve I have been. I hope I never catch myself complaining about my circumstances once I start teaching again in America, for if I do I will always think back to Thuube Primary School.


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This Blog will document my time spent in the Peace Corps. I hope to share my adventures, trials and triumphs. This website is not affiliated with the US Peace Corps or the US government. The views expressed here do not in any way represent the views of the Peace Corps nor those of the United States government.

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