Beautiful Gluttony


This past weekend I lived life to the fullest and ate like a queen. I was in Maseru (the capital city of Lesotho) and ate the most delicious meal I’ve had in the past two years! I left feeling over satiated and almost sick, but I didn’t regret a single bite! My friend and I treated ourselves to an “All You Can Eat” dinner buffet at the Lesotho Sun. Now this buffet put all buffets to shame. I went in prepared for a marathon and tried my hardest to pace myself after not having eaten all day because I made a promise to myself to try everything they offered and I just nearly succeeded. I think the easiest way to convey my experience would be to list all of the delicious and decadent foods I made love to.

1st plate: crackers, 4 hard cheeses, green and black olives, deli sliced salami, deli sliced turkey, bean salad, carrot salad, Greek salad, feta cheese, tomato and cucumber salad

2nd plate: rice, chicken in alfredo cream sauce with mushrooms and peppers, pork in BBQ sauce, beef strip stir fry, fried fish, beef cutlets in gravy

3rd plate: pineapple BBQ ribs, roasted potatoes, broccoli with almonds

4th plate: rotisserie chicken (leg), leg of lamb slice, green beans with caramelized onions, butternut squash, shell pasta with mince meat sauce

5th plate: lemon cheesecake with mixed berry sauce and sponge cake crust, strawberry cheesecake with a shortbread cookie crust

I am ashamed to say that I neglected to eat the tomato bisque with homemade croutons, I did not get a steak or chicken breast prepared in front of me and by the time dessert rolled around I could only stomach a few bites of the two cheesecakes, therefore neglecting a giant chocolate brownie, fruit crumble, custard, cream puffs and two kinds of cakes. Despite the physical limitation of my stomach, I’m not only impressed but also proud of accomplishing such a culinary feat!

In all seriousness, I have never felt this sensation before in my life after eating. It was complete euphoria and it was as if I were quite literally drunk on food! My friend and I walked out of the hotel keeled over and struggling to move. Never in my life have I experienced such a food coma as this even after all the Thanksgiving meals I’ve had in America.

That’s one thing that being a Peace Corps Volunteer has taught me: I know how to get a proper bang for my buck, and I indeed ate WELL over the value of what I paid for. Mission accomplished.


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This Blog will document my time spent in the Peace Corps. I hope to share my adventures, trials and triumphs. This website is not affiliated with the US Peace Corps or the US government. The views expressed here do not in any way represent the views of the Peace Corps nor those of the United States government.

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