Cinco de Mayo…Shanelle Style


Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and although I have no Mexican lineage, my two best friends are part Mexican, so I feel like they allow me the street cred to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Unfortunately, I could not be with either one of them (one being in America and the other living about 2hrs from me) so I created my own celebration.

I took advantage of being in town over the weekend to buy some ground beef (as if I hadn’t eaten enough meat throughout the weekend) and I tried my very best to make Tortilla Soup. I can’t say whether it was correct or not because I had never had it before, but whatever I did make ended up tasting pretty damn good! As a margarita substitute I had lemon-lime Crystal Light and enjoyed my meal while watching the movie, Tortilla Soup. The movie didn’t have the best story line in the world, but my goodness were those food frames pornographic! It made me so excited to be able to eat good and real Mexican food once I get back to the States.

As I learned from my very first holiday celebrated in Lesotho (Halloween, 31 October 2011) they are celebrated and commemorated very differently than in America. Most of the holidays that are all hyped up and commercialized in the States are not even recognized in Lesotho. I’ve had fun teaching my kids and family about different traditions in America and whether it’s a party of just me or a gathering of many, celebrations are what you make of them. I try my hardest to celebrate little holidays the best that I can…even if it’s just soup, a wannabe margarita and a movie.


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