It is fascinating to me when I catch myself in the act or realize how changed I really am. I have grown so accustomed to life that I don’t usually think twice about things that would make someone double-take back in the States. For example, I feel too clean if I wash my hair with less than a week in between. I can tell what direction a car is coming from and how far away it is just from the sound it makes. But while I was walking home from school yesterday I had to laugh at myself and shake my head at what I was thinking.
OK, so I see a lot of different kinds of poop everywhere I go, but the most interesting to me is sheep/goat poop. I wouldn’t even call it poop…they are turd trails or tiny droppings. I can’t imagine how unsatisfying it must be to be a sheep/goat and have that as my excrement. They are like an ellipsis…which means there is something more to say, or in this case, something more to release!
Now horses—they have it made because they can multi-task: poop and walk at the same time! But I think cows have the most satisfying looking poop. It’s a proper dump, D-U-M-P. Full out release and relief. And such is my expert opinion of poop. I owe this entry to 11 months of Peace Corps experience living in Lesotho.


About sfubuntu8

This Blog will document my time spent in the Peace Corps. I hope to share my adventures, trials and triumphs. This website is not affiliated with the US Peace Corps or the US government. The views expressed here do not in any way represent the views of the Peace Corps nor those of the United States government.

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