Full Hand Grab


I know I have mentioned this a few times already, but just as a refresher, boobs aren’t really a big deal here at all. I’m totally numb to nip slips and nursing mothers, but when I am involved, it’s still quite strange. During training my host ‘Me would wake me up bare chested, with her slip tucked up below her gargantuan jugs and start my day with the warmest of wakeup calls. We were also advised by our cultural liaisons that while talking to other women, to expect having their hands rest on our chest. It is an act of connecting with someone, but in all honesty, I have yet to get used to being on the receiving end.
Two girls in my posse of kids will occasionally grace my boobs and I let it pass, but today was a bit further than what I’m used to. I was sitting outside reading a story aloud to a few kids. The notorious titty touchers were on either side of me. I soon felt a new shelf on top of my rack, and sure enough their hands hand drifted to rest on my boobs. “It’s OK, Shanelle. They mean nothing by it. Just keep on reading”. But then, Tanki got a whole handful and in pure shock I jumped back. I used this pause as an opportunity to explain that people do not touch other women’s boobs in American (or at least not in public lol) but that I am trying to get used to it and accept this part of the Basotho culture. They seemed to understand and Pulane clarified for me that they do it because I am like their mother and they love me.
I never thought I would have to get used to having my cups cupped.


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