Fermata on Life


Being from Upstate New York, I’m used to feet of snow and still going on with life as usual…it ain’t no thang BUT in Lesotho, I have been opened to a whole new world.  Once again, I have been humbled and my privileged mindset has taken a spanking by reality.  When I woke up to snow, I had to pause and think about how the heck I was going to trek up a mountain to school, but DUH, nobody’s going to school!  Life was at a halt (and still is) because it’s way too cold to do anything, and there are few things to do.  In NY there would be snow plows out before the crack of dawn, but no such thing exists here, we just have to wait for nature to take its course and for the snow to melt.  There has been no transport for the past week, the electricity has been out for five days (and who knows for how much longer…), taps are frozen (I’ve been collecting snow and melting it in a pot for my water).  Thankfully the shops are open so I could buy groceries, but nobody wants to go outside, I certainly don’t! 

Yesterday was the first after five days of stillness that I started to see a stir of life.  Taxis started to pass by, the blankets of snow melted away and the earth below was revealed, people emerged from their homes and an inkling of hope sparked in my heart that the electricity might come back (we’re still waiting on that one…).

On a not-so-grand scale, having to wait things out with the snow got me thinking about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.  By no means was this snow storm as catastrophic and devastating as Hurricane Katrina, but life literally stopped!  There was no infrastructure or plan of action lined up for what to do if this happened.  I am so deeply grateful for this life experience as a PCV; I am learning and growing and waking up in ways that would not have been possible had I not listened to my heart and come to Lesotho.

I am bursting into bloom…


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This Blog will document my time spent in the Peace Corps. I hope to share my adventures, trials and triumphs. This website is not affiliated with the US Peace Corps or the US government. The views expressed here do not in any way represent the views of the Peace Corps nor those of the United States government.

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