Best Friend Pen Pals


 So as you may know—if I haven’t mentioned them enough—I have a posse of kids that are my life and joy here.  I had them write letters to the students in my best friend, Shawn’s second grade class and I just recently got a package from Shawn with letters and pictures responding to my kids’ notes.  When I handed them out to each respective owner, the spark of awe and exuberance in their eyes was a sight to behold.  It’s amazing, because my kids will cherish those letters like they were gold; read and reread them until they can recite it by heart.  I’m excited for the school year in America to start up again so we can continue our pen paling.

In addition to the second grade students, I paired Pulane (my favorite girl, shhhhh) with my niece, Safara.  Safara just recently wrote back to Pulane and we opened and read the letter together.  She jumped up and did a little dance J Then just yesterday Pulane came to my place asking for help with her homework.  She had to write a composition about “My Best Friend”.  I had her close her eyes to get a picture of her best friend in her mind and to think about what she is like, what they do together etc.  To which Pulane looked at me like I was crazy (a look I am very much accustomed to now).  I asked what was wrong, and Pulane said, “I have never played with her before.  I don’t know…”  Now that look of confusion was on my face, so I asked Pulane who she wanted to write about.  She grabbed the pencil and spelled out S-A-F-A-R-A as the heading of her composition. 

My heart sank and swelled simultaneously.  That short instance opened my eyes to how big of an impact a little thing can have on someone’s life.  It made me wonder how much I’m oblivious to of what I do…I’m chewin on that for now…



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