Unexpected Blessing


Just the other week I traveled to Maseru to teach a session at the Newbie’s training. More and more I feel like I am acquiring my “sea legs”, so to speak. I have felt sunken in as a Volunteer at my site for some time now, but the more traveling I do and Peace Corps Office related things I do, I feel like a valued Volunteer. The taxi drivers that do the commute to and from Qacha’s Nek to Maseru are getting to know me quite well and I don’t even need to tell them where I need to get off-they just know.
This time, when I went to the office, there was an unexpected parcel waiting there for me from my “adoptive parents”, Shawn and Jim. You would think that the package was the unexpected blessing referenced from the title of this entry…but think again.
Part of being a Resource Volunteer and teaching sessions at training means that you stay with a host family in the village where group sessions are held. I’ll try to appropriately describe the awkwardness and disjoint feeling of such an accommodation. I arrived to the host family’s house around 6:30pm the night before my session and it was sufficiently dark by then. I introduced myself to a slew of people in Sesotho in the dim lighting and intimate ambiance of paraffin lamps. I was shown to my room, which is the family’s sitting room. There is a stovetop burner, kettle, heater, bucket of water, bath basin and pee bucket provided by the Peace Corps. The family prepared all meals for me, so that was no problem, but there was one essential thing that was missing…toilet paper!
I’m certainly used to drip drying by now, but unfortunately drip drying doesn’t apply when number two is added into the equation. And now, here comes the unexpected blessing. I managed to keep things held in all night, but you all know what it’s like when the morning itis hits! I was not about to do my business in the pee bucket, so I ventured outside in search of the family’s latrine. Eureka! Ahhhh, but what about toilet paper? I scanned the room for some form of substitute and there it was: the brown paper used to wrap my package. And there you have it; I’m sure Shawn and Jim never thought that the paper they used to cover my package would be of any use, but it came to the rescue in a time of great need!
Unexpected blessings come in strange packages…or are used to wrap them :)


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