Who Am I?


There is no doubt that the experience of being a Peace Corps Volunteer has a profound impact on someone and the other day I was caught in the midst of realizing that I have indeed changed.  When I returned from my week of travelling with the College for classroom observations I was so happy to be back home.  I even had my own welcome committee of a grasshopper/praying mantis on one of my windows.  Without even thinking I whacked the bastard with my bare hand and threw it in the trash.  The next morning, when I stepped out of bed, the first thing I saw was a big, black spider.  This was disheartening because it was the first spider (other than the little tiny ones that don’t count) that I’ve seen in my rondavel.  I didn’t even flinch; I just grabbed a piece of toilet paper and crunched the life out of it.  As if those two instances weren’t enough proof, last night when I was in bed after blowing out my candles I heard a scurry of some sort.  My feelings were of frustration and annoyance that I would have to search for whatever was making said noise in the dark.  Thanks to my OCD list-making and the fact that my lists are hanging on my wall, I could deduce that the creature was scurrying on one of them.  I reached for my headlamp and commenced my search.  I discovered that the culprit was a cricket on steroids—this thing was HUGE.  I grabbed a shoe from my closet and squashed it to death after applying an abnormal amount of pressure until I heard the “crunch” of death/success.  After wiping its guts from my wall I crawled back into bed and slept soundly.  What has happened to me?  Well at least I have a bright opportunity for the future after I come back to the States: Shanelle the exterminator! 


About sfubuntu8

This Blog will document my time spent in the Peace Corps. I hope to share my adventures, trials and triumphs. This website is not affiliated with the US Peace Corps or the US government. The views expressed here do not in any way represent the views of the Peace Corps nor those of the United States government.

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